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Rolf Feller, born in Wiesbaden, Germany on November 6, 1955, is a hobbyist artist whose eclectic life and diverse experiences imbue his work with a unique perspective. His journey towards art was not a straight path, but rather, a winding road marked by various professions and global adventures.

Before setting foot in the world of medicine, Rolf explored the world, living a life as diverse as the strokes on his canvas. He had an array of jobs including driving trucks and taxis, working as a fisherman, and even experiencing life on a beach. These colorful experiences around the world would later become an inexhaustible well of inspiration for his artwork.

Rolf's medical journey began in Germany, where he attended med school and pursued a career in medicine. Eventually, he moved to England and became a respected consultant psychiatrist. However, his retirement a decade ago signaled the beginning of an even more personal venture—his exploration into art.


The influence of Rolf's mother, a talented artist known for her abstract work, is undeniable. The echoes of her style can be found in his own creations, where he paints not just with colors but also with emotions and thoughts. Each piece of Rolf's art is a journey into his heart and mind, reflecting the depth and complexity of his experiences and insights.

Rolf's creativity is not confined to the canvas. He has a penchant for breathing new life into items, adorning them with his artistic vision. The transformation of these everyday objects into works of art is a testament to his belief that beauty can be found anywhere—you just have to look at it with the right lens.

Today, Rolf's artwork stands as a testament to a life lived fully, the places he's seen, the people he's met, and the myriad professions he's had. His work resonates with the richness of his experiences, making every stroke, every color, and every object a page in the story of his life. Through his art, Rolf invites you to see the world through his eyes—a world of vibrant color, deep emotion, and extraordinary beauty.

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